Dino F. Avdibegović


I have published a couple of books: a collection of short stories (in Bosnian), a collection of poems (in Danish and Bosnian), and my work have been included in several anthologies. I have also written and published articles, essays and reviews in all three languages. I have just finished writing a new collection of poems, and I am currently working on my first novel.

My interests range from literature, media, history, film and art in general to football, philosophy, food and music. I am a father, a husband, a bon vivant, who also happens to be a writer, and a poet.


Email: derion1 [at] gmail (dot) com

Fortuitous facts

I respect writers: Fernando Savater, Haruki Murakami, Fyodor M. Dostoevsky, Ivo Andrić, Lord Byron, Musa Ćazim Ćatić, Meša Selimović and Erich Fromm. I am actually trying to make a list of books I read.

My favorite movies are Mirror, The Thin Red Line, Annie Hall and The New World. As you can see, I am quite fond of independent and European films. You can also take a look at my pretty much updated Letterboxd page.

Musical directions
Regarding music, I listen mostly to progressive metal and bands like Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation, and Opeth, but when I want to sharpen my hearing senses or just relax I turn to Bach, Mendelssohn and Beethoven.

Songs I like
"Seperate Ways" (Journey), "E vui durmiti ancora" (Pippo Rallo), "Dream" (Alice Smith), "The Sound of Silence" (Simon & Garfunkel), "The Double Life of Veronique" (Zbigniew Preisner), "Sweetest Smile" (Black), "Dunje i kolači" (Kemal Monteno), "You Keep Me Hangin’ On" (Vanilla Fudge), "Bang Bang" (Vanilla Fudge), "Can’t Get Enough" (Kim Wilde), "Harlequin Forest" (Opeth), "The Underground" (Faruk Sabanci), "Passacaglia in G-minor for orchestra" (Händel), "Allegro Molto Appasionato" (Mendelssohn), "Windmills of Your Mind" (Noel Harrison), "Teško je" (Parnji Valjak).

Websites I visit
Letterboxd, Aeon, Arts & Letters, Kottke, klix.ba, dr.dk, Distrowatch.

Programs and apps I recommend
F-Droid, Olive, Filezilla, Audacious, Vim, Simplenote, LibreOffice, micro, Scribus, Doom Emacs, Pluma, SimpleScreenRecorder.

Recommended Linux distributions
I have experience with these GNU/Linux distributions, and I recommend: Linux Mint and Ubuntu MATE for everyone, and Debian for advanced users.

First, I had a simple HTML website, then I outsourced to Blogspot, and sometime in 2006 I had installed Wordpress. I finally migrated to Grav in February 2021.